Academic Planning


Academic Planning and Statistics Unit is as old as the College and plays a central role in coordinating all academic programmes of the College. It is directly attached to the Provost.

The pioneer Director of Academic Planning (DAP), was Dr. G.A.O. Ogalanya, after him came Engr. M.E Ezeabikwa.  Dr. M.C. Anaekwe was in charge of the Unit from 2006 to late 2009 while, Dr. V.N Ejezie served as the DAP from 2010 to 2012. From 2013 to 2018, Dr M.C. Anaekwe, served as the Director of Academic Planning. Currently is Dr. Okechukwu, G. C.

Major Responsibilities of the Unit:  

  • Coordinates all the academic programmes of the College.
  • Timely Scheduling of Academic Activities of the College every session.
  • Coordinates Resource Visitation, Accreditation and Reaccreditation exercises by liaising between Supervisory Agencies and the College.
  • Coordinates External Moderation of Examination Questions, Answer Scripts and payment of honoraria to external examiners.
  • Liaising  between  Time  table  Committee,  Schools  and  other  academic  units  to ensure smooth conduct of examinations.
  • Liaising  with  relevant  Committees  and  Units  to  ensure  smooth  conduct  of matriculation and Convocation ceremonies.
  • Serves as a clearing house for resolving all academic issues/matters involving students and among academic staff.
  • Attending to  all other  assignments of  academic nature (e.g. review of Students’ Handbook),  in  and  out  of  the  College,  as  may  be  directed  by  the  College  Management.

Information and Public Relations


The Public Relations Unit of the College is as old as the College. The current name of Information and Public Relations is the brainchild of the second Substantive Provost Dr (Mrs.) C.V Nnaka. Hitherto, especially from the inception of the College till November 1998, the Unit was known as Information and Publications Division. The name as we understood, speaks for itself. One implication discernible from this name is the apparent sidelining of the imperative of image and Publics in the running of Federal College of Education (Technical), Umunze.

Between 1990 and 2009, the following Officers headed the unit: Mr. Innocent N. Njoku. (Late), Mr. S.E. Madueke, Mrs. V.N Nzelum, Mr. Ike, H.S, Mrs. Ezenekwe M.C (late) and Mr. Onyeagba C.C. Later on, Mr. Mbogu E.O.E became the Coordinator of the unit in 2010/2011, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 Academic Sessions. From 1st December 2014 Mr. Ike, H.S (late) was re-appointed to head the Unit the second time and his tenure in office was cut short on 5th July, 2015 as he died as a result of injuries inflicted on him by unknown gun men in his compound. Thereafter, Mrs. Odika Obiageri Agnes became the Coordinator of the Unit from 18th December, 2015 till December, 2016 and Mr Sam Otti was appointed College Public Relations Officer effective from December, 2016 till date.

The Unit through a deliberate policy publishes Information to the College Community regularly especially the College News Bulletin. The Public Relations Unit today has documentaries of all major events and ceremonies of the College and outside of it provided the Unit sees such documentary as relevant to the College. Besides, there is a collection of still pictures in the College albums, properly fitted and open to staff on request. All these are stored in the archives of the Unit. Information and Public Relations Unit is responsible for collection and dissemination of relevant Information to the College Community.


The unit is statutorily expected to do the under listed.
(1) Regular press releases via radio, television and newspapers.
(2) Production of in-house journals and releases
(3) Advertisements/News Items on T.V/Newspapers etc.
(4) Arranging the hotel/hospitality/comfort of all College guests. e.g. Council, Accreditation team, from airport or park to the College and back
(5) Management of media information and crisis on College
(6) Liaising with other Information and PR establishments
(7) Attending all College fora with relevant stakeholders including SUG visit to Management, Community Relations or similar fora.
(8) Updating mailing list of the College with and among government agencies.
(9) Speech writer to the Chief Executive.
(10) Preparing and distributing College souvenirs to College publics and report to the Provost on same
(11) Originating/keeping all College historical artefacts/documentaries including video-tapes, still pictures and literature.
(12) Maintaining a protocol list at College public function e.g. Matriculation/Convocation ceremonies.
(13) Organizing meeting/interviews with the press and the Provost
(14) Distributing all College in house news releases to all the College publics
(15) Ad hoc responsibility from the Provost
(16) Controlling postings of paper materials on any College property.
(17) Serving as College eyes and ears and must inform the Chief Executive as appropriate.
(18) Never to sell out his organization to the press for personal gain.