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Federal College of Education (Technical), Umunze as the name implies is owned and financed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. There is an expanded management team, which on behalf of the Federal Government exercises general control and superintendence of the policy, finances and property of the College. The College’s educational and training endeavor is to concentrate on the production of teachers to teach the vocations/trade and all the vocationally oriented subjects offered in junior secondary schools as well as in primary education. As a tertiary institution, it shall remain rooted, in its practice in the best traditions and principles of conduct of higher education and shall aim at and adopt measures to realize in its life such objectives of higher education as are part of the National Policy on Education. The Management team sees to the day to day running of the College headed by the provost with other principal officers of the College among which are:

The Provost, Dr. (Mrs.) T. O. Okoli                                          – Chairman

The Deputy Provost, Dr. Ugwuogo, C. C.                                 – Member

The Bursar, Comr. Echedo, Ethelbert                                      – Member

The Chief Librarian, Dr. Agada Samson                                – Member

The Registrar, Mrs Nkah, Bessie.                                            – Secretary

There is Academic Board which is the highest organ for directing and management of academic matters of the College and it consists of the following members:

  • The Provost of the College who is the Chairman
  • The Deputy Provost
  • The College Librarian
  • The Director of Academic Planning and Statistics
  • Deans of Schools
  • Chief Lecturers
  • Heads of Departments
  • Coordinators of Academic Programmes.
  • Registrar – Secretary

The functions of the Board include regulation of students’ admission, award of certificates, scholarships and making periodic reports to the Council on academic matters. The Board uses a number of ad hoc Committee approach in the discharge of its mandate.

There is office of the Deputy Provost to whom the Director of Academic Planning and the Deans of Schools work very closely with on academic matters and which advises the Provost on academic matters.

The Registrar of the College is the Secretary to the Council and Academic Board. The representative roles of the Council have been described above. Instructional activities in the College are conducted through schools and departments. The schools are the centers for the co-ordination of teaching and research activities, while the departments are the basic unit of teaching activities and academic organization. A school is made up of departments in a distinct field of study and or group of related departments or a division of study.

Each school has a school Board which regulates the teaching and conduct of examinations in the various departments in schools and advises the Provost or Academic Board on any matter referred to it by the Provost or Academic Board. The schools are headed by the Deans, who are elected by the School Board from among its members. Each Dean holds office for a term of two consecutive academic years. The department is headed by a Head, who presides over the affairs of the department. The College’s organizational chart is attached herewith.