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SCHOOL OF Agricultural and Home Economics Education

Dr. Akamobi D I
Agricultural and Home Economics Education
This is a school where excellence reigns, teachers teach and students learn. Food production is the other of the day for nation’s development.

The School of Agriculture and Home Economics Education (SAHE) came into existence in 1991. The school took off a year later than School of Business Education, School of Education and the School of Industrial Technical Education. Since its inception, the school has continued to grow in both students and staff population. Correspondingly, there has been increase in the number of tools, equipment and infrastructural facilities in the school. The school was the first to be relocated to the present permanent site of the college in the year 2001. As the name implies, the school is made up of two departments, namely, the Department of Agricultural Education and the Department of Home Economics Education. Since inception, the school has successfully undergone five accreditations.The Department of Agricultural Education has the following facilities in place.

A farm complex integrating fishery, poultry, goatry, grass cutter and crop farms.
A meteorological unit
A mini green house
A citrus orchard
Students’ demonstration farm
Crop and soil and Animal Science Laboratories
The Department has also made some remarkable breakthrough in various areas among which include:
Producing the overall best student in the college (Mr. Onuorah Tochukwu) in the year 2011/2012 whose track record is yet to be equaled.
A breakthrough in research through successful crossing of exotic broilers with local breeds to come up with the celebrated “Umunze White” in 2013. This was published in the College News.
Won the third price for the college in the National Education Innovations Exhibition at Abuja in 2014 after exhibiting and successfully defending “the induced spawning process in catfish using pituitary hormone from male frog”.
A breakdown of Heads of Department from inception till date includes:

S/N Name Duration
Dr. Orikpe, E.A. 1992 – 1995
Nzeribe, T.A.K. 1995 – 1996
Dr. Okoli, T.O. 1996 – 1998
Ndelekwute, S.C. 1998 – 1999
Nzeribe, T.A.K. 1999 – 2004
Dr Okoli, T.O. 2004 – 2006
Dr Uneze, C.U. 2006 – 2008
Dr Amadi U.P.N. 2008 – 2009
Njoku, C.O. 2009 – 2010
Chukwudum, E.O. 2010 – 2011
Nzeribe, T.A.K. 2011 – 2013
Dr. Uneze, C.U. 2013 – 2015
Dr. Akamobi, I 2015 – date

The current academic staff strength of the Department stands at seventeen (17) in the following categories:
Chief lecturers
5 Principal lecturers
3 Senior lecturers
2 Lecturer I
2 Lecturer II
2 Lecturer III
1 Assistant lecturer

2 The department equally has eight (8) non-teaching staff in its fold. The under listed staff of the department apart from serving as Heads of Department had in one time or the other served as Deans of the school. They include: Dr. Orikpe, E.A.; Nzeribe, T.A.K. and Dr Okoli, T.O.The department of Home Economics Education comprised of various areas of Home Economics – such as Clothing and Textile, Food and Nutrition, etc. Presently the department runs the NCE programme and vocational training centre.

The Department of Home Economics Education has the following facilities in place:
A model home residence
A model child development centre
A well equipped food and nutrition laboratory
A well equipped clothing and textile laboratory
A well equipped vocational training centre

A breakdown of heads of department from inception till date includes:
Madichie, W.N. -1992 – 1995
Okafor, L.I.-1995 – 1998
Madichie, W.N. -1998 – 2001
Okafor, L.I.-2001 – 2002
Enemuo, E.O.-2002 – 2005
Nnubia, E.U.-2005 – 2006
Enemuo, E.O.-2006 – 2008
Madichie, W.N. -2008 – 2011
Nnubia, E.U.-2011 – 2012
Enemuo, E.O.-2012 – 2014
Ezenwa, C.P.-2014 – Date

The overall functions of the School of Agriculture and Home Economics Education is co-ordinated by the dean. Since its inception, the school has benefited from good leadership qualities of the following officers as deans in one time or the other.
Anozie, M.O.-1991 – 1995
Madichie, W.N.-1995 – 1996
Dr Amadi, U.P.N.-1996 – 1998
Dr Orikpe, E.A.-1998 – 1999
Dr Okoli, T.O.-1999 – 2000
Madichie, W.N.-2001 – 2003
Dr. Orikpe, E.A.-2004 – 2010
Dr Amadi, U.P.N.-2010 – 2012
Nnubia, E.U.-2013
Nzeribe, T.A.K.-2013 – 2015
Dr Okoli, T.O.-2015 – 2017
Dr. Akamobi, I – 2017 – Date

Current Dean is Dr. Akamobi, Innocent