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Okpalike, Bridget Ifeoma
Welcome to the School of Languages where we promote Language, the most powerful emblems of social behavior.

The School of Languages of Federal College of Education (Technical), Umunze presently is the last born of the institution. It was as if it came up in 2011/2012 academic session when least expected. The school is made up of two departments – English Department and Igbo Department.
The idea behind the establishment of the school is to train students who are sound to offer degree courses in the institution. The school started with about fifty students and eighteen academic staff. The first and second academic years of the school were headed by the following persons:

Dr. Mrs. Udensi, Ukamaka. J as the Dean
Mr. Onyeagba, Chukwuemeka, C as HOD English
Mrs. Okpalike, Bridget. I as HOD Igbo

2013/2014 and 2014/2015 academic years were headed by:
Mr Onyeagba, Chukwuemeka, C as the Dean
Mr Ezeme, Titus. S. as HOD English
Miss Onunkwo, Benedette. N. as HOD Igbo

2015/2016 and 2016/2017 academic year were headed by:
Dr. Mrs. Udensi, Ukamaka. J as the Dean
Dr. Mrs. Okafor, Amaka Mary as HOD English
Mrs. Okpalike, Bridget. I as HOD Igbo

In 2017/2018, Social Studies, Political Science and Economics departments were added. 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 academic year were headed by:
Mr Ezeme, Titus. S. as the Dean
Miss Onunkwo, Benedette. N./Mr. Odenyi, Moses as HOD English
Mrs. Oguejiofor N./Mrs. Ezeoliaku, U. E. as HOD Igbo
Mrs. Nwosu, Ngozi as Ag. HOD Social Studies
Mr. Ezenwile Uche as Ag. HOD Political Science
Mr. Enwere E. C. as HOD Economics

In 2019, French, Theatre Arts, Geography, CRS, and Music were accredited. 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 academic year were headed by:
Mrs. Okpalike, Bridget Ifeoma as the Dean
Miss Onunkwo, Benedette. N as HOD English
Mrs. Obi-Okoye, Ogochukwu M. as Ag. HOD Igbo
Mrs. Eze, C. I. N. as Ag. HOD Social Studies
Mrs. Chukwujekwu, Onyinye as Ag. HOD Political Science
Mr. Isidienu, C. F. as Ag. HOD Economics
Mrs. Okoli, Nkechi as Ag. HOD French
Mr. Onwuasoanya, Jude as Ag. HOD Theatre Arts/Music
Mr. Chigbo, D. N. as Ag. HOD Geography
Mr. Onwuasoanya, S. C. as Ag. HOD CRS

Presently the School offers a three-year programme that leads to the award of NCE in:
English/Igbo Education
English/Social Studies Education
English/Political Science Education
English/Economics Education
English/Theatre Arts Education
Theatre Arts/Mathematics Education
English/Geography Education
Geography/Mathematics Education
English/French Education
Igbo/French Education
English/CRS Education
CRS/Social Studies Education
Theatre Arts/Music Education
Music/CRS Education

The school has a population of three hundred and fifteen students (315)
With an academic workforce of seventy-four lecturers, the school extends its services to other departments in the institution. Such departments include:
General Studies Education
Early Childhood Education
Primary Education Development
Library Information Science
Education Management Policy

Man is a language and political animal. The secret of one’s intellectual and social success both in the university and outside university depends on one’s positive communicative competence. In fact, one’s perception and expression of reality depend on one’s knowledge of words to express them. A command of language will improve the process of one’s mind. It will give one assurance, build one’s confidence, lend colour to one’s personality and increases one’s popularity.
The School of Languages aims at assisting students to acquire positive communicative competence that promotes intelligibility.

Current Dean is Mrs. Okpalike, Bridget Ifeoma