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Objectives of the College

  1. Contribute significantly to meeting in numerical terms the recurrent and expanding needs of the 6-3-3-4 (now 9-3-4) system of education for pre-vocational and vocational teachers;
  2. Epitomize a strong tradition of excellence in teaching, functional or job oriented research activities, scholarship, institutional organization and management, and community related services;
  3. Impart to their students the occupational knowledge and skills needed for the teaching of technology relevant to the Nigerian economy as well as develop their capacities for rational self management;
  4. Foster national ideas in social organization and relation’s within their academic communities.
  5. Inculcate in their students the ideals of life-long and of ‘complete man’ education;
  6. Produce professionally competent pre-vocational and vocational teachers who are imbued with the sense of human worth, the values of work in the transformation of human life and human environment, and with the zeal and knack for nation building through education.