Editorial Note

This is volume two, number one of Umunze Journal of Education and Technology (UJET), a publication of School of Education, Federal College of Education (Technical), Umunze, Anambra State. This volume is devoted to providing solutions to the current national security challenges in Nigeria through the analysis of educational issues and policies. It is envisaged that such approaches through education should enhance the modification of the psyche of the Nigerian citizens with a view to evolving a standard ethical order. The journal is precisely the fruit of the brainstorming exercise of the school's THIRD NATIONAL CONFERENCE held in August, 2012. This volume has twenty-eight well researched and analyzed articles comprising both empirical and theoretical papers of different educational background. The theme was: Regenerating Education for peaceful co-existence in a violence-prone society. The editorial board remains indebted to our team of editors who inspite of their tight schedules still found time to avail us of their expert opinions regarding the quality of the manuscripts. We acknowledge the invaluable contributions to our editorial process and the evolving quality of UJET. Dr. Uniqwe, Sixtus C. Chief Editor


Vol 2 No 1

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