Editorial Note

Reports have shown that a striking adverse comment that returns with most applicants’ publication from external assessors is the paucity of empirical or data-based articles both in terms of quantity and quality. Such comment stands real when viewed against the backdrop that most authors prefer the expository or theoretical papers, perhaps, because they would not take time to subject themselves to the rigors of conducting a data-based research. Yet still, many writers lack the competence, and would not even strive to learn on the job. This is a regrettable situation because some of these writers are already entrusted with the responsibility of supervising student's research projects in their respective disciplines. One then wonders the nature of guidance which the supervisees receive from such supervisors. It is perhaps in view of this nauseating problem that the school of sciences, Federal College of Education (Technical), Umunze deemed it wise to embark on this project. The Journal of Empirical Research in Science and Technology Education (JERSTE) therefore, strives to fulfill the goal of encouraging authors to conduct and publish data-based researches in Science and Technology Education disciplines and allied fields. Granted that: empirical researches could be quite painstaking, yet, the experiences derivable from such exercise strengthens the researcher as a sound academic and prepares him/her to effectively guide the supervisees, for you cannot offer what you have not, without being a cheat. The JERSTE is primarily a medium for disseminating empirical research findings in Science and Technology Education (STE) disciplines. However, limited theoretical articles that have bearing on novel issues pertinent to STE and allied fields could also be considered for publication in the JERSTE. We thank the Provost and Management of F.C.E(T), Umunze for granting approval to the School of Science to actualize this project. We also extend our appreciation to the contributors whose articles scaled through in the maiden edition, while we invite others to share their research experiences with other academics in our subsequent publications. Dr. Mars. C. Anaekwe Editor in-chief/Dean School of Sciences.

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