Editorial Note

It is with pleasure that I, on behalf of the Editorial Board, present to the reading public the volume 4. No.1, Vol.5 No1, Vol.6 No.1 of the Journal of Business and General Education(BUSGEN) , This edition has improved quality over the previous editions and we promise that each successive edition will be better that the previous ones. This edition contains a wide range of contemporary issues such as science and technology, entrepreneurship, distance education, use of lCT in teaching and learning, gender issues, drug abuse, teaching methodology and a lot more. Glad also to say that, there are a lot of empirical studies. BUSGEN is published annually, precisely in the month of July. Well researched articles are invited from willing contributors. On the other hand, we remain very grateful to all the contributors in these editions for keeping fate with us. Editor-in-chief 08057007401,08065663150

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